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For a list of availailble PGC Workshops and Diocesan volunteer requirements,  PLEASE CLICK HERE.​​

Parental involvement has always been one of the hallmarks of Catholic Education. At St. John Vianney Regional School, the quality of our children’s education is greatly enhanced with the presence of concerned, caring and informed parents as volunteers. Offering your time and talent to our school community strengthens the spiritual and academic life of your child.

Getting involved in your child’s school is a win-win proposition. Our school benefits from your talent, time and effort, and you, the parent, provide a very important community service for your children and their peers. Volunteering is imperative to the vitality of St. John Vianney.

Volunteering also provides a way for parents to meet and create new friendships with other SJV families. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! For volunteer opportunities you can participate in, please watch your PIE for updates and information.



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