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The Bulldog Cafe

SJV's Bulldog Café serves a delicious, homemade lunch daily. Each meal is prepared by our chef,

Mr. Randy Leonard. SJV offers a wide variety of kid-friendly meals with food portions that meet the guidelines for the National School Lunch Program for the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Federal Government.

The monthly lunch menu will come in the PIE and is also available online. 

Each lunch cost $3.50 and includes a drink of either low fat regular milk or chocolate milk. Orange drink is available for those students who are lactose intolerant. 

Lunch orders may only be taken through the PIE on a weekly basis. Parents have the option to fill out an order form monthly or week by week. Order forms and payment are due every Friday by noon for meals served the following week.

The Snack Bar is open during all lunch periods for children to purchase additional beverages, snacks, chips or frozen treats. 

Bring Someone Special to Lunch

Every month, each grade gets to invite "Someone Special" to lunch. Whether a family member or a friend, each student and their visitor will dine together. Guests bring their own lunch and drink. Visitors are permitted to bring an "outside" lunch for the student (McDonald's, Subway, etc.) However, if that student has already purchased a school lunch that day, no refunds will be given. Please plan ahead. Guests should enter through the Rectory doors on Turner Street and report directly to the cafeteria. 

Bake Sales

During a grade's BSSTL, those student's families are ask to donate baked goods to be sold during lunch time to all grades. Items will be sold for 25¢ or 50¢. Each student will only be permitted to purchase two items at the bake sale. Please consider items without nuts; if items do contain nuts, please mark clearly.

How to Complete the Order Form

Write the student's name, grade and parent name at the top of the monthly or weekly order form. Circle the dates on the order form that correspond with the menu for the days your child(ren) want to eat. Count the number of circles and use the chart provided to determine the total amount due. On the monthly menu sheet, note which days your child(ren) are ordering and keep for your reference.


Please enclose a check (payable to St. John Vianney Regional School) or money order along with the lunch order form and return (in a sealed envelope) through the PIE no later than noon on Friday.
Please clearly mark the envelope with the student's name and "Lunch Order."


All lunch questions must be directed to Mr. Leonard 610-841-2757; email Please do not call the Main Office with lunch questions.

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