Technology & Library

SJV Technology Lab

The goal of the SJV technology curriculum is to allow students to be informed users of information technology. This includes understanding the basics of computer hardware, proficiency in productivity applications, the concept of intellectual property rights, information literacy, and the effective use of the Internet as a research tool. Information technology as a tool for enabling learning is the core principal of our program.

The curriculum starts with basic skills such as keyboarding. It progresses through word processing, use of web resources and production of reports – be they text documents, slideshow presentations, posters, or other forms. It culminates with students using a variety of software to add “masterpieces” to their digital portfolio. Applications used include:

Microsoft Office apps - Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint

First in Math (gr.  1-5)
Pearson SuccessNet and SuccessNet Plus (student/teacher online resources for Reading, Social Studies, Science, Math series)
Compass Learning
Renzulli Learning
Alphamation Handwriting
Smart Notebook (Smartboard)
IntelliTools Classroom Suite (K-5)

Students in grades 1 to 6 participate the First In Math Online Program (FIM) which offers comprehensive content-ranging from single—step addition to complex algebra—in an engaging format. Students progress at their own pace to master basic and advanced math skills. This dynamic, proven program encourages students to practice through immediate feedback. Game-style activities ensure that students engage in active practice required for skill retention, and motivation is fueled by reinforcement in the form of electronic award stickers when students solve problems correctly. No penalties are levied for incorrect responses, and students become encouraged to take ownership of math learning and practice.

The Betty Johnson Library​

As part of our mission to encourage students of SJV to have a life-long thirst for knowledge, we actively support each student in becoming a self-directed reader and competent user of information. Our library teacher collaborates with the faculty, provides class and one-on-one instruction in research, offers friendly help in exploring the library’s books, magazines and electronic resources, and in thoughtful use of the internet.

The SJV library strives to work with students and teachers at each grade level to create and develop an environment that promotes reading as a life-long skill. Materials provided are intended to support the curriculum, aid in research and offer a range of media for personal enrichment.

Private School Technology
Catholic School Technology