Family Fundraising Obligation

What is a Family Fundraising Obligation?
The “Fundraising Obligation” is a portion of your child’s tuition that is kept separate from your base tuition. This allows families to supplement their required tuition by participating in any of SJV’s fundraisers or special events, sell items to outside sources and receive a portion of the profits.


What are the Fundraisers?
Refer to the School Fundraisers list to view a calendar of upcoming sales. Each fundraiser has its own unique percentage of profit sharing to help you reach your goal easily.


How do I know what I will earn?
Each fundraiser is given a percentage that indicates how much of the sales you will receive credit for. For example, a pizza sale might have a 50% credit. So if you sell $100 worth of pizzas, you receive $50 towards your fundraising obligation goal.

How do I know if I made my goal?
During the school year, you will receive four statements, one each quarter. The statements will indicate if you have reached or exceeded your goal. If you have not reached the required amount, you will be billed prior to the close of the school year.

What if I exceed my goal?
A family that exceeds their goal will receive a 50% credit back towards their child’s next school year’s tuition. For example, if you raise an extra $100, $50 goes toward future tuition, $50 goes back to SJV. For students in 8th Grade, any profits above and beyond your required goal will be considered a donation to SJV.

Do I have to participate in Fundraising?
It is not required that you participate in the fundraisers. However, you will still be required to financially meet your Family Fundraising Obligation. You can either do a “buy out” where you pay the amount by October 1 or you can have the fundraising obligation included right into your monthly payments. However, we do encourage families to participate in the fundraisers as they do benefit the school in many positive ways!

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