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Bus & Transportation

St. John Vianney students are eligible for busing if they live more than one mile away from our school campus. Busing is provided by the school district in which the family resides. All school districts provide busing for children in Kindergarten through 8th Grade EXCEPT the Allentown School District. ASD does not provide busing for students beyond the 5th Grade. Please refer to SJV's Handbook for our Bus Policy.

In addition to busing, SJV follows a specific arrival and dismissal pattern for children who travel by car.


Morning Drop-off

7:55-8:05 AM: Parents are asked to turn onto St. Cloud Street from Chew Street and turn right onto the Russell Street alley, which runs between the church parking lots. Student drop-off is on Russell Street across from the school. Please do not get out of your car. Staff and volunteer parents will be available to receive students and direct your exit off the campus.


Afternoon Dismissal​

Phase #1: 2:45 p.m.  

All students who ride buses will board and depart.

All students who attend Extended Care will walk as a group to the EC rooms in the Annex Building.


Phase #2: Approximately 2:50 pm
All students who are "Car Riders" are escorted to their respective vehicles.

All students who participate in after-school activities will meet at the school flagpole.

Cars enter 18th Street from Chew Street and form 3 lanes. When a signal is given, students board cars. When all cars are boarded, cars are dismissed from campus. Activity groups are subsequently dismissed.

For safety purposes: Please remember to turn off the car engine and remain in your car.


Phase #3: Approximately 3:00pm
All students who are "Walkers" are dismissed to Turner Street and Chew Street

Walkers: Children walk to corner accompanied by a teacher and safety patrols. Parents may meet children at corner, not in front of school building. These directives are for the safety of everyone. In the past, cars have ignored the wooden barriers and the patrol directives. Please instruct your children at which corner they are to meet you and provide a note to the teacher if transportation is being changed. (No cars at these spots).

Bicycles: Children are permitted to ride bicycles to and from school. Bicycles must be secured on bicycle rack with a lock. (Each child must have their own lock). Bicycles are walked off of school property. It is imperative that parents be mindful of early dismissals and also be prompt in picking up students at dismissal time.

Students not picked up after 3:10 pm will be sent to Extended Care; Extended Care rates will apply.