Student Life

Student Council

The SJV Student Council is a curricular activity for all grade levels designed to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership. The Student Council helps share students’ ideas and interests with their teachers and the Principal as well as help raise funds for various school-wide community service projects.

Student Council is composed of student representatives from each grade, Kindergarten through 8th. Kindergarten through 4th Grade Representatives are chosen by their homeroom teachers.

Students in 5th through 8th Grade are permitted to volunteer to run for Student Council. These representatives are elected each October for the current school year through a school vote by their peers. Each 8th Grade student running for an officer position is required to give a brief speech during lunch. This gives them the opportunity to explainto the entire student body and staff why they would be a good choice to represent the school.

Student Council representatives need to be a role model to other students at St. John Vianney both socially and academically and find ways to be a positive presence within their community.

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador program is an extension of our Student Council. A select group of students chosen to represent SJV in a positive, helpful, respectful and enthusiastic manner. All members are selected because of their interest in promoting SJV’s academic programs and representing the school at organized events. Ambassadors participate in Open Houses as tour guides and are expected to show families around the campus, provide knowledge about the school and to direct questions to the correct people for further assistance.

An Ambassador will also be responsible for visiting prospective students during “Shadow Days" and provide potential students with exposure to SJV’s “way of life” through conversation regarding academics, activities, athletics, events and opportunities. They can assist prospective students in making an informed decision about choosing to attend SJV.

Ambassadors can ease the entrance from public school to the Catholic school experience for new transfer students. The SJV Student Ambassador program allows responsible students a chance to be involved in functions, activities, meet new people and build tight knit friendships.

Ambassadors are the “face” of the student body.