Gift Card Program

The SJV Family Fundraising Obligation can be met by participating in any, or all, of our fundraisers during the school year. However, the SCRIP (Gift Card) PROGRAM runs all year round, from May 1 to April 30. This gives families an opportunity to earn toward their “fundraising goal” even over the summer months.
It’s easy and convenient with a wide range of vendors to fit anyone’s shopping preferences...and,
each parish offers a Scrip Program to benefit their church, St. John Vianney Regional School or ACCHS.​

How it works.
When you purchase a gift card, you earn a rebate based on a percentage determined by the vendor (which can be located on the order forms). 100% of what you earn from purchases made will be applied to your SJV fundraising goal.

For Example: The Parish purchases a $100 Giant gift card for $90. You buy the card from the parish for $100. You go to Giant and buy $100 of groceries. You earn $10 towards your fundraising requirement.

After you reach your Family Fundraising Obligation, you should continue to buy gift cards. 50% of what you earn (beyond your goal) will be subtracted from your following year’s tuition and 50% will go toward St. John Vianney Regional School’s operating budget. If your last/only child is a graduating 8th Grader, 100% of your accumulated credit will be considered a donation to St. John Vianney Regional School.

Cathedral Church – CATHEDRAL CASH
Coordinator: Susan Bartos, 610-433-6461,
​Order Cathedral Cash through the PIE
SJV families may purchase Scrip Cards during the school year. To place an order though school, complete the order form and send to school on Tuesday in your “Cathedral Cash Envelope." The order will be filled and returned to you by Thursday. Only orders received in the Cathedral Cash Envelope will be filled. Use the Cathedral Cash Envelope only if you are comfortable with your child bringing home gift cards.
Large quantities for one vendor must be pre-ordered.
Checks should be made payable to "Cathedral Cash."