School Reach Program

SJV's SchoolReach Program specializes in emergency and mass notifications for our school. Throughout the year, several occasions may arise when the school must contact our families outside of regular school hours. The SchoolReach Program will automatically call a parent or guardian's predetermined emergency contact number in order to make these announcements. 

SchoolReach will be used for...

School Cancellations
Emergency Notification
General Announcements

Changes in Uniform Requirements
Absentee Notifications
Lunch Notifications
Bus Route Change Notifications

And much more.

In addition to SchoolReach, we encourage our parents to utilize SJV's many other news outlet options made available to parents. Please continue to check our school website, Facebook page and refer to your PIE and/or emails.

When the weather is severe and transportation hazardous, please listen to your TV or radio stations to find out whether school will be closed or have a delayed opening. Please do not call the rectory or school. Local stations carrying information are: WAEB (AM 790) or WFMZ (Channel 69). Also access the St. John Vianney website or the WFMZ website. Our school will always be listed as "St. John Vianney Regional School" on listings.

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