Homeroom Parent

The Homeroom Parent is a facilitator/liaison between the parents and the classroom teacher. Homeroom Parents are the foundation of the volunteer program, which provides SJV with the many benefits that come from a strong volunteer community served by all its families. Each spring, parents are allow to volunteer as HR Parent for the following year. HR Parents will be designated in late August once students are assigned to classrooms.

The HR Parents assist and guide classroom families throughout the school year to carry out their responsibilities. Their commitment to your child’s teacher, the school and its families will nurture the growth of our school’s community spirit as we work together to advance the mission of SJV by serving one another. 

Work with the Teacher

The most important part of being a HR Parent is communicating with your teacher. The teacher will guide you as to what is expected of you. Do not plan a party or event without first consulting your teacher.

Relaying Information to Parents
One of the HR Parent duties is to communicate with the other parents/guardians. If there is an event, you are responsible for making phone calls or emails or sending out fliers via the PIE. You will also need to arrange for other parents to volunteer their time/talents. If parents have any questions about class events, you are the first point of contact so please check your emails or voicemails on a regular basis. One of the biggest responsibilities of the school year is organizing and collecting donations for our annual Walkathon Raffle Basket. All HR Parents will receive specific instructions at the beginning of the school year on how to oversee this important fundraising project.

Organizing Parties/Events
Most homerooms have at least one party per year. As a HR Parent, it is your duty to organize these with your teacher and your families. Please make sure that parents are aware of your class celebrations and have signed up to help or donate items for them.  

Attend Home & School Partnership Meetings
It is encouraged that HR Parents to attend these meetings. This will help you and the other parents get to know one another as well as give you a better understanding as to what is going on at SJV throughout the academic year.

Time and Talent Donations
At no time during the school year will you be allowed to ask families for money to help purchase party supplies or class gifts for the teacher. Please only request donations for paper goods, food, drinks or time. 

Class Lists
Only teachers will be collecting contact information for distribution to families in your class. Information will include the student’s name, parent/guardian’s name, phone number and email. Please know that this private information is not to be used for solicitation of any goods or political propaganda.

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