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Health & Safety

SJV's Health Room is located right inside the foyer of the Main Building. It is staffed at varying times by a certified RN volunteer. 

The Pennsylvania Health Department requires that all students have the #2 Varicella vaccine; documentation must be provided to the school office. It is imperative that all children entering school for the first time be properly immunized. No child will be admitted without required immunizations. As part of our health program, all new pupils entering kindergarten or first grade are required to have a thorough physical and dental examination.

Children are not permitted to come to school with a fever. Any child who vomits during school hours must be picked up and taken home. Any child who misses one day of school from illness is required to bring in an excuse note from the parent/guardian. After 3 days of illness, a doctor's note is required. Children need to be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

Teachers are prohibited from administering medication to students. If a child needs medication during school hours, please contact the school office for more details.

For more detailed information regarding our Health Policies and our Absentee Policy, please read our Student Handbook.

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