Governance Board

With guidance from the Catholic School Development Program (CSDP), a board of limited jurisdiction has been established at St. John Vianney Regional School.

A board of limited jurisdiction provides crucial lay input and leadership and accomplishes the vitally important step of establishing ownership and ensuring accountability. The CSDP is a leader in advocating and facilitating this approach. Equally important, CSDP runs workshops with diocesan officials to train board members and school administrators in this novel method. ​​

CSDP provided tools such as recruitment forms and helped the school to populate its board with a wider variety of community members. The program also ran training sessions that brought the new board together and gave it a greater understanding of its roles and responsibilities.

SJV's new board will assist with establishing subcommittees to target specific needs (such as advancement, facilities, education and more) and to launch an annual fund.

With these new tools in place, the CSDP will help SJV continue to grow and to have new financial goals.

SJVRS Board of Limited Jurisdiction

catholic school development program (CSDP)
SJV Governance Board