Enrichment & Resource

At St. John Vianney Regional School, our teachers strive to meet the academic needs of all of our students. For the most part, that occurs in the classroom where teachers differentiate instruction in various ways. For a few students, though, support beyond the scope of the classroom teacher is required.

Students who demonstrate exceptional aptitude may be selected to receive enrichment work from their teacher. Criteria for selection include classroom performance and demonstrated aptitude on standardized assessments. The enrichment lessons will challenge those students to use logic, creativity, reading, writing, and math skills to explore new information. A curriculum that integrates all subject areas is used.


Students who have difficulty in specific areas (through evaluation) are entitled to services from the resource teacher. Whereas students coming from public school may have an “Individualized Education Plan,” (IEP). The resource teacher will provide accommodations with the classroom teacher to provide instructional support or direct instruction.

Our resource teachers always work collaboratively with classroom teachers. That collaboration may take place within the classroom where instructional support is offered, or outside the classroom where individual or small group instruction is provided to assist the student in his/her area of weakness. The goal of the resource teacher is to support the classroom teacher by remediating a student’s specific academic weaknesses and/or helping the student access the regular curriculum.

St. John Vianney Regional School offers the Aquinas Learning Support Program for children with learning disabilities at the elementary and secondary levels. The Aquinas Learning Support Program is unique in its emphasis on learning strategies and study skills to foster independence. An Instructional Plan forms the program's core.

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