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core curriculum photo.webp

Our Curriculum

The articulation of a faith-centered environment with a quality educational program for St. John Vianney Regional School requires that all educators work collaboratively to design and implement an ever-developing and creative curriculum. According to Catholic tradition, curriculum should encompass the principle of respect, challenge learners to achieve their full potential and contribute to the moral development of all students.

The curriculum exists for the total development of each student in our school. The students assist in the continuing growth of the curriculum, not only as recipients of learning, but as creators of new opportunities. A well-developed curriculum encourages, within every student, an inventive spirit, flexibility to adapt to change, a desire to set and attain goals, and a belief in themselves.

Subjects within the Core Curriculum include:

Religion                   Math                         Language Arts           Reading

Handwriting            English                      Spelling                     Social Studies
Science                  Foreign Language       Physical Education      Music
Art                         Library/Media

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