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Cost & Financial Aid

What is financial assistance?​​

Financial assistance is provided to those families who believe strongly in a Catholic education, but for whom the financial obligation is beyond their means. SJV’s financial assistance opportunities do not require repayment by the family.​ The scholarship foundations that SJV distributes from are EPSF, Bravo, Kremer Foundation and the Vianney Fund. These applications are submitted directly to SJV. However, there are some financial aid opportunities that parents have to complete on their own for a fee, such as the PSAS.

Who can apply?​

Families are eligible only if they meet specific income requirements. Parent(s) must complete an application and provide ALL necessary tax forms. SJV has a select few foundations and programs in which funds can be allocated. However, resources are limited. Funds for the upcoming school year will be distributed beginning in June. SJV asks that you apply within the required deadlines for assistance consideration.

Is financial assistance available for Pre-K students?​

Yes, financial assistance is available for children in Preschool through 8th Grade.​

Where do I get an application for financial assistance?​
Contact our Finance Department at 610-435-8981 x 3.

Is there a cost to apply for financial assistance?​
The EPSF, Kremer, Bravo and Vianney Fund programs are free to apply.​ Other programs do have a minimal fee, such as the PSAS. However, completing an application does not guarantee receipt of funds. All income guidelines must be met. In addition, some programs require the completion of specific community volunteer hours. Failure to adhere to guidelines can lead to loss of financial aid opportunity the following school year.
Who will see my personal financial statement?​
Only the Principal and Financial Office will see the information. All personal financial information is kept confidential.​

How is financial assistance determined?
SJV estimates a family’s need based on income application and copies of tax forms.​

How much financial assistance funding is available?
Each year the available resources for financial assistance fluctuates. The school makes it a priority to try to find additional resources to help with financial aid.​

Will I receive the same amount of financial assistance every year?​

No, the amount of funding SJV receives fluctuates from year to year. Applicants will receive assistance based on the amount SJV has to distribute and how many families are eligible for aid.

Is there a deadline to be considered for financial grants?​

Yes. ALL deadlines must be met to qualify and are listed on the respective application forms.​ Please read the applications carefully.

Is my registration fee refundable if I do not receive financial assistance?​

No. Your registration fee is non-refundable.

Once I am granted financial assistance, do I need to apply every year?

Yes, a new application is required for each school year.​

Are there certain terms attached to the financial assistance programs.

Yes, some programs have terms. Please read the application carefully to determine if you can meet the terms of each program.

Are there payment options?

Families may choose to spread out their tuition payments over the course of 11 months or 10 months. Arrangements must be made with the Finance Office.

Are there any restrictions on financial grant students?

No, all students are treated equally regardless of whether they receive financial support or not. There are no restrictions on field trips, sports, or academic programs.